FS Utilities lets you manage your Windows files and folders easily

Our computers and all other devices are essentially working on files. An average computer user can accumulate a lot of files over years that can be difficult to handle. And the biggest problem is the disk space. FS Utilities is a great suite of tools that can help you deal with your files and folder in an efficient way on your Windows PC. You can analyze the files and take a lot more advanced and complicated actions in order to efficiently treat your files.

FS Utilities Review

To get started with the tool, all you need to do is drag some files or folders that you want to play with. The program might take a small of amount of time to index the files. You can easily view all the indexed files and their properties. Moreover, you can also view folders and their hierarchy. Their properties include Name, Size, Creation Time, Last Access Time, File Type, Full Path and more such details.

FS Utilities Review

The best part is that all these details can be exported to Microsoft Excel in a CSV format. So that you can use the capabilities of Microsoft Excel to find and sort information about your files and folders. Also, you can search for indexed files and apply complex filters so that you get only a specific set of files that you want.

You can enter any search query to get some specific files. And then you can apply filters as well. To apply a filter, right-click any property and then go to ‘Filtering’ and then select ‘Advanced Filter’. Each and every property has different filters, for instance, the ‘Extensions’ can contain or not contain some entries. And similarly, you can restrict the file size to a range and only files within that range will be displayed. Or you can view files that have been created recently in a specific month or so.

If created properly, Advanced Filters can specifically bring you the filtered files that you actually want.

Signature Calculation

Another amazing aspect of FS Utilities is the signature calculation. Signature is nothing but another way of finding duplicate files. Select multiple files, right-click them and select ‘Signature Calculation’ and you are good to go. You can create signatures by collectively using any of these three variables: CRC, Last Change, and Size. Using all of these variables at once can give you the most accurate results but take relatively more time. But considering all the three variables at once is the most possibly correct way to find duplicate files. To view the calculation results, go to the ‘Signature Summary’ tab.

There is also another signature available, called ‘Extension’. Choosing this signature can give you the number of files for one particular format. But getting files of one single format can be done my other methods as well. You can simply type the extension in the search query or use advanced filters for doing so.

The program can perform other basic action on files as well. You can rename, delete or copy files indexed into the software. Or you can execute or directly open a single file in Windows explorer.

FS Utilities is a great file management suite. With its amazing features and file handling capabilities, you can do a lot with it. The tool is pretty fast as well. Files are indexed and searched at blazing fast speeds. Also, it is pretty easy to use and can do a lot of complex filtering and indexing under the hood.

Click here to download FS Utilities. UPDATE: A posting on the site says – This web app is stopped.

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