FreeVimager: Free, portable Image Viewer and Editor for Windows

If you love clicking pictures and collecting them, you must have an easy to use image viewing software that can perform your photo editing tasks. Look no further than FreeVimager. FreeVimager is an image viewer and editor that helps you edit and view your photographs with great ease.

The software supports image types such as JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PNG and PCX. What really doubles up the utility of this freeware is that it can be used to play your AVI formatted video files, ordinary audio files and audio CDs. Hence when you have FreeVimager you don’t feel the need to have a separate software to play your audio files.

image viewing and editing software

Free Image Viewer and Editor

Some of the features of FreeVimager, image viewing and editing software are as follows:

  • Portability:  A portable version of the software is available and it’s free to download and use
  • View image location in Google map with FreeVimager
  • Save As PDF option available
  • Basic file operation like crop, rotate, resize, brightness, contrast etc
  • Live configurable Redeye removal tool
  • Scan multiple pages to TIFF and PDF
  • Multi-monitor full screen support
  • batch processing tool is present to resize and rename images
  • multiple effects like grayscale, brightness, contrast, red-eye
  • View and Edit graphics file of type: JPEGBMPGIFTIFFPNGPCX and EMF
  • CD/DVD slideshow can be created easily

Using FreeVimager

You can either download the application, then install or use the portable version. Since the portable version does not need any installation, it is very handy to carry as well.


As soon as you open the application, the main window will appear on the screen, that will ask you the formats of the supported file. You just need to select the file’s format and other options related to general settings. To select the file, you can either browse the file or can drag and drop feature, as per your convenience.

Image Viewer and Editor

The user interface contains lots of icon present on the upper as well as lower part of the window. You can use any one of these to complete your requirement. There are also six drop down buttons present on the upper section of the main window.Using these you can perform functions like image cropping and rotation, scanning, emailing, saving as PDF, global settings, taking screenshots, providing effects like brightness, contrasts, creating and playing slideshow etc. This image viewing and editing software also allows creating collages and previewing your print.

FreeVimager download

FreeVimager is an extremely lightweight image viewing and editing software. It is available to all users as a freeware. All you need is to click here to download the software – and you can start using it.

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  1. Thank you for the recommendation. I was just looking at it, and it’s nice…

    …but, honestly, the best-of-breed remains xnView. It simply has no rival.

    However, thanks for steering us to the viewer’s website, because the *other* thing its maker makes — the free video surveillance software — doesn’t look half bad. There’s better out there, frankly; but from my cursory examination, it doesn’t suck. I think they probably did a little bit better work on the video software than they did on the image viewer software, frankly…

    …but, hey… both products look pretty darned good.

    As always, keep-up the good work!

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

  2. Ankit Gupta

    Thanks Greg It’s always nice to have your inputs.

  3. jorge correa

    Hi Abkit Gupta…
    This viewer is pretty good but the interface is not of my liking still it does a good job. I personally use NexusImage… …which is a straight forward Image Viewer. Of course i have editing tools but if i just want to look at a photo i use NexusImage. It’s so simple, portable and it’s EYE CANDY which is why it’s my default viewer on my Wins 7-64 machine. I’m sure that after you take a look at it you will fall in love with it, just like i did so give it a try. By the way, thanks for your great work, advice and tips that you have given use through out this past year …..

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