FreeTrack : Create your own hands free PC or a hands free gaming console

You can create your own hands free gaming console or hands free computer by a free application called Free Track. This freeware is an optical motion tracking application developed for the Windows platform. 

Tracking is achieved using four point iterative pose estimation algorithms and three-point geometric algorithm.

FreeTrack uses a camera to collect the information on the point model which is worn by the user. It can be used with any web cameras; it focuses on head tracking with uses in:

  • Virtual Reality
  • Simulation
  • Video Games
  • 3D Modeling
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Hands free Computing

You can make the tracking more sensitive for your reliability. You will have to choose a point model which would be worn by you and the camera would follow only that point model. The larger the point model you take the better detection you get. One point model is enough for hands free computing. 3D preview is also available that shows the virtual position and orientation of head.

This software can make your PC work like PlayStation and gaming would be awesome on your device. FreeTrack provides advanced features and a level of customization. You can transmit your head movements with keyboard and mouse keys, so that when you move your head in a particular direction, a particular action is taken. You can create different profiles for your different games and different controls you can easily switch between them.

Gaming becomes very adoring while using this little software. You will have to set up your own point model whose setup would be very interesting, sometimes it may take time to transmit your head movements with keyboard or mouse keys but, it is very easy and interesting, you will enjoy setting up you own hands free gaming console or a hands free computer.

FreeTrack is coded in Delphi 7 and uses Direct Show and DirectX.  The software is licensed under GNU and though is open source; you can download it and have fun with creating your hands free computer.

You can download the help manual here and the software by clicking here.

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