Free Windows Phones to Microsoft Employees at launch

Microsoft announced that their employees which number about 90,000 throughout the world will be getting Windows Phone 7 Devices. This was announced at the MGX sales event in Atlanta and was also apparent from the numerous tweets of the Microsoft employees.

This action of Microsoft is clearly show that they want their employees to use its own products, especially when it comes to sales and public relations employees.

In Seattle, many of Microsoft’s employees have Windows Phone devices but they are not in a majority as for now.

One of the main competitor for Windows Phone 7 devices is the iPhone. Steve Jobs had done something similar to Microsoft back in 2007 when he had announced that all Apple’s full-time employees who worked for more than a year would be getting free iPhones.

Windows Phone 7  has been creating buzz everywhere and this action has raised the pitch. The company is very keen on promoting Windows Phone 7 devices, and this is a nice way of generating additional buzz.

The first Windows Phone 7 devices are expected on the market in October 2010.

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