The Windows Club

Free Windows Phone Curricula DVD and Online Resources for student developers

If you are looking forward to developing apps or designing for Windows Phone, you might want to check out these free offerings from Microsoft UK.

The Faculty Resource Kit from Microsoft provides schools and colleges with material and software tools for teaching programming and application development using the Windows Phone platform, and includes tutorials, lectures, videos and projects.

The resources and downloads include:

  1. Designing for Windows Phone by Microsoft
  2. Windows Phone Programming in C# by Prof Rob Miles
  3. Azure Mobile Curriculum by Rob Miles
  4. Introduction to Game Programming with XNA and Windows Phone 7 by Prof Kelvin Sung (UW)
  5. Introduction to Mobile Application Development Using Silverlight by Michael Iantosca.

You can download the resources as PDFs, zip files, study online or even order a free DVC/CD.

Visit MSDN for complete details and download links.