Free Windows Metro Style Template for Visual Basic users

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The author, Lee Whittington, loves to use his learned talents to write software as a hobby. He also also enjoys playing with Photoshop and is a serious Windows, Software, Gadgets & a Tech news buff. Lee has studied Visual Basic, C++ and Networking.


  1. Free Windows works really fast! Besides you have access to the source code so you can do all modifications you want. Web site

  2. Abhilash

    it didnt work

  3. robcr

    Do you generally use the free version(s) of VB.NET ?
    Perchance have you written any articles on that ?
    My initial interest would be – what cannot you do with the free version ?
    I am a VB6 programmer. I briefly checked out (just a wee web browse) the latest free offering, and I recall there was some irritation with the very latest free version (needed a MS cloud account, or something ?)
    I recall some people mumbling, and perhaps preferring 2010 Express
    I am 74 and my memory stopped working at 72.

  4. kellyjmartens

    Hi will this template work in VS2015?

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