How to use Free Stock Images from Google Drive

This year in August 2012, Google requested members of the community to help it expand the collection of Google Drive’s stock images. The internet giant asked members to submit the sets of 10 ThinkStock images that they liked best. It then selected 900 photos from the submitted ideas.

It was however this week when the company announced that a vast collection of 5000 high quality free stock images was available for use with Google Docs & Google Drive. A new service named Stock Images was added to Google Drive, to let users add images to presentation slides, documents, files and spreadsheets.

Google Docs/Google Drive is among the most popular online services. The service lets users easily create and save files and documents online. Now to make them look more attractive, the service has decided to feature 5000 premium class Free Stock Images in wide range of categories such as nature, weather, animals, sports, food, education, technology, music and more.

This short tutorial will help you access and use stock images in Google Drive when you need to add them in your document or presentation.

Free Stock Images from Google Drive

First off, create a Google Documents such as Presentation Slides or Spreadsheet or Docs. For creating a Google Document, login to your Google Drive account and click on ‘Create’ tab. Then, select ‘Documents’.

Next, enter some texts in the document and then click on ‘Insert’ tab. Then, select Image option.

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Later, click on ‘Google Drive’ and select the ‘Search’ option. Just type search term in search option and see the Google Drive displaying nice photo collection.

Choose the desired image you would like to insert in your document and hit the ‘select’ button.

If you want, you can resize Free Stock Image of Google Drive into Google Documents, as per your convenience.

That’s it!

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