Phrozen Keylogger Lite: Free Keylogger For Windows

Using a keylogger is a good option if you want to keep an eye on the internet activity of your children at home or the employees at the office. A keylogger can either be some small hardware device or a piece of software which can record the keys struck on the keyboard of your Windows computer.

The hardware device is connected between the USB port and the keyboard and thus can easily be noticed by the person using the computer, hence using a software is a better option. The keylogger software runs silently on the system, records the keys and creates a log file, without bringing it to the notice of person using the keyboard. Many leading software companies today are bringing out their keyloggers, some of them are free while some ask for a paid license to use. The paid versions usually come with some extra features and are also hard to be detected on the system, while the free versions offer limited functionality.

Phrozen Keylogger Lite

If you are looking for a free keylogger software with useful features, have a look at Phrozen Keylogger Lite. It is a simple and lightweight software and can help you in recording and monitoring all the keyboard activities carried out on your Windows computer.phrozen keylogger lite

You can download and install it on your system with a simple installation process. The main overview is also very simple and easy to understand even for an average computer user. It runs silently in the background and captures all keystrokes made on your PC with being noticed.

Features of Phrozen Keylogger Lite

  • The program captures all keystrokes and intercepts them in symbols and special characters. It is designed in a manner that no keystroke will get lost even if the user types very fast on the keyboard.
  • Phrozen Keylogger also supports Unicode characters which means that even if you are using languages like Russian or Chinese, the program will still intercept the keys.
  • If the user tries to use the virtual keyboard, don’t worry, Phrozen Keylogger can capture even the virtually struck keys.phrozen keylogger log files
  • It creates no shortcuts and works silently in the background and not even an advanced user can detect it without using some anti-keylogger. You can create your own Magic Key to open the Administrative Panel.
  • The Administrative Panel is very user-friendly. You can read the log files, print them or delete them from the Administrative Panel. You can also export the log files and read it when you want.
  • You can protect the program with your own password. All the log files of your system keystrokes are strongly encrypted and are stored in a single local database and only you can read them with the Magic Key.phrozen keylogger password
  • The log files are sorted by year, month, day and hour and hence are pretty simple to read and understand. You can check the keystrokes made on your system at a particular date and time.phrozen keylogger

Overall, it is a nice, simple and useful program which helps you keep a regular watch on the activity by your children or employees. This keystroke logger can record all the websites visited by users, even if the browser history is deleted.

You can download it here.

Please note that the Keyloggers are legal to install only on the computers you own and monitoring someone else’s computers without their permission, can be considered as an illegal activity.

If you suspect someone els may have installed a keylogger on your comuter without your knowledge, these Keylogger Detector freeware may help you.

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  1. Guido

    In a way, it’s a toy like the NSA likes, but one can ask what is its interest for the common man …

  2. Vince Thor

    Using KeyScrambler Personal Free & Zemana AntiLogger Free will defeat the purpose of Phrozen KeyLogger Lite & K9 Web Protection & numerous other Free or Paid KeyLoggers.
    Zemana Antilogger Free & KeyScrambler Personal Free can co-exist on a system as KeyScrambler Personal uses Encryption Method: Blowfish (128-bit) and RSA (1024-bit). Outputs random characters. But, Zemana Antilogger Free uses Encryption Method: Blank output. Only the application with keyboard focus receives the keystrokes while others are blocked. So, its a Double layer of Protection, whenever KeyScrambler outputs Random Characters using Blowfish & RSA encryption keys, there is always a Blank Encryption or Clean Slate Wipeout of KeyStrokes happening using Zemana Antilogger Free, for Web Browsers. Zemana AntiLogger Free provides Blank Encryption of KeyStrokes for other Offline Softwares like MS Office, Notepad & numerous other Offline Software used for variety of Purposes.

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