Best free online Music Streaming sites you will love

From relaxing to having fun, everything is possible with music. If you often listen to music on your computer, maybe its time to check out these free online music streaming sites that you can open anytime and play your favorite music right away.

Free Music Streaming sites

1] Google Play Music

Best free music streaming sites for every moment

This is probably the most reliable and easy to use website where you can find and play tons of music for different situations. From local language music to old 90s hits, everything can be found on this site. It is possible to find music based on mood, genre, artist, album, etc. Whether you need music while working out or traveling, you can find a suitable song or audio track on Google Play Music website. As the name defines, it is a Google product, and you can use it by signing in with your Gmail account. The only drawback is it is not available in all the countries across the globe.

2] Spotify

Free Music Streaming sites

When it comes to listening to western music, Spotify is probably the best option for you. Although Spotify is not available in India and some of the countries, you can use a VPN software to open Spotify from outside of the USA. Talking about the user interface, it comes with a very dynamic UI that users like a lot. Like Google Play Music, you can search for songs for different situations, genre, artists, album, etc. The Spotify free version allows users to skip songs five times every day.

3] SoundCloud

Best free music streaming sites for every moment

Unlike Google Play Music and Spotify, you can use SoundCloud without creating an account, and that makes the process faster and easier. However, if you sign in to your account, you would able to access more features. Without signing in, you can listen to 120M audio tracks. Like other music streaming sites, you can search for music by artisst, album, playlist, uploader (people), etc. The music player has a minimalist look, and it doesn’t consume a lot of bandwidth at all.

4] Pandora

Best free music streaming sites for every moment

Although this is not available in any other countries except the US, still it is quite popular because of the minimalist user interface and free accessibility. Pandora is more like a radio station, where you can create a particular station and play songs based on your preference. The music collection is not that huge like Google Play Music or Spotify, but it would be more than enough for you if you listen to music not all the times. Talking about the limitation, you can skip 6 times in every hour per station and 24 times in total in every 24 hours.


Best free music streaming sites for every moment is entirely different from other regular music streaming sites. It does stream the music but with a video. It gathers footage from YouTube and users can watch the video at the same time without leaving the website. Talking about its features, you can find music based on top tracks and artists. If you open an artist page, you can find everything about that person including a short biography, top tracks, albums, etc. Needless to mention, it will consume more bandwidth than any other sites mentioned above.

There are other free music streaming sites available on the web, but not all of them are free or have vast collection. Considering everything, these are probably the best online music players, in my opinion.

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