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Largest ever giveaway of Microsoft eBooks, that are available free to download

The Microsoft Ebook giveaway extravaganza is back. Eric Ligman, Microsoft’s Director of Sales Excellence, has announced the FREE Microsoft eBooks giveaway for the year 2017. As always this is a huge giveaway where Eric is offering “millions” of Microsoft eBooks for free which include- Cloud, SQL Server, Power BI, Windows 10, Azure, SharePoint 2016, Office 2016, Office 365, PowerShell, Dynamics CRM, System Center, Exchange Server and many more.

Microsoft eBooks Giveaway

Unlike his previous giveaways, Eric Ligman has released the list of books included in this huge giveaway. Millions of eBooks are very well categorized in different categories, and all these books are available for free. Users can select the desired eBook from a relevant category and download it for free. The download links are given for each available format. You can select your preferred format and download the eBook. Furthermore, the free versions of these eBooks are not time-bombed and can be used for as long as one chooses to.

As the list includes very useful eBooks and moreover just because they are available for free many users might want to download the entire set of eBooks. So, yes, you can download all of the eBooks at one go.

The download experience may vary with links because all of the eBooks are linked to the sites where the authors or publishers have originally made the eBooks available, like some blogs, MSDN sites or some Microsoft TechNet sites.

How to download all Microsoft eBooks

On popular demand, Eric has enabled the multiple browser download plug-in for the readers to download all of the eBooks. In order to use this option, Eric has created a list of all the download links. Since doing this won’t change any of the author’s/publisher’s rights, Eric has provided the list of download links of all of the eBooks in an icon.

All you need to do is to right-click on the icon and select ‘Save Target As’ and hit Enter. This will help you download all the links in a single .TXT file.

You can now just download the eBooks but can also share these links with anyone. However, it would be unethical to share the eBooks as an offline resource.

As this is a huge giveaway and the eBooks listed here are really useful and free, you might face some issues in downloading at a time. Stay calm and try again. Check the entire list of eBooks here.

Microsoft Press too, is offering a bunch of free eBooks. You might like them too.