Free Imaging, Backup and Recovery Software for Windows 10


  1. FBACKUP is also a great option. It takes few resources and includes option for full and mirror backup. Who has little disk for backup, the last option is very interesting.

  2. Dropbox, which i have using since long before, gives me complete relax from taking backup all the time as it automatically does all sort’s of taking backup. After that, Stellar Phoenix recovery utility is indeed useful utility to get back deleted or formatted data from almost any instances of data loss. Moreover, It offers shareware version, means ‘Try it, Before You buy it’

  3. If you have lost your complete data due to the hard drive corruption and you can generate complete data backup with help of Kernel for windows data recovery software to recover formatted, corrupted and deleted data from hard drive with three scanning modes.

  4. many people don´t have new hardware an keep alive whit less resources whit VISTA OS and then, if windows blue is coming, don´´t live behind your fans .
    many people still alive !!!!!!

  5. For doing a System Restore type of backup, similar to a drive imaging program, is Keriver 1 Click Restore. It takes a compressed image (picture) of your hard drive that allows you to restore the drive later on.

    For example, you can take an image of your System Drive (C:), store it on your D: drive and then restore it when you lose functionality of your drive at some future point in time. I take a picture of my C: drive once a week, its the ultimate backup, and beats the Windows 7 Restore which in my experience doesn’t always work.

    I lost my taskbar functionality for some unknown reason the other week, and got it back by restoring my C: drive (overwriting it). Better than a system restore, all my settings and saved C: drive documents / downloads were restored as well. It works well because you can take the picture ‘outside’ of Windows, and restore it from outside of Windows as well. No conflicts that way either.

  6. Though Acronis True Image is not free backup software, but here is a hint how you can use it even after the trial period expires (30 days). First of all create a full backup image with the trial version, then create acronis bootable disc, and that’s all. The thing is that boot cd made with the trial version is not fully functional, but you can use it recover images, so the only feature available is recovery. So now you can create a full drive image from Windows and recover it using bootCD if needed. After 30-days trial period you can download free version of true image again using another e-mail. here is stp-by-step instructions how to restore a disk image using acronis bootable disc

  7. Theres another one called Rollback Rx. Its got patented tech and it offers multi access control and scheduling too.

  8. I have used Rollback Rx on my 2TB HDD with Win XP on a 150 GB partition (logical C:) and
    data on a 1.3 TB partition (logical D:) I set it to protect only C:. The
    snapshots were very fast and when I actually had to do a restore it
    worked great only taking a couple of minutes in a Pre-OS environment.
    This is very good software, but in my opinion, it has a few major
    drawbacks. Snapshots are only stored on the physical drive it is
    installed on and hardware failure means true disaster. Although installed on and protecting only the logical C drive, it gobbled up over 600GB of the logical D drive despite snapshot deletion and defragging.
    Un-installing had to be done 2 times and even then it did not remove
    the 600Gb’s of data it created. I will try out the Paragon B & R
    next. If it doesn’t work out, I will stay with my current boot partition cloner (AOMEI P.A. standard edition).

  9. I already have a backup with windows 7 builtin backup tool but it dont restore my image hang at 50%. Can i use any other software to restore the following image.

  10. I already have a backup with windows 7 builtin backup tool but it dont restore my image hang at 50%. Can i use any other software to restore the following image

  11. Veeam Endpoint backup is also a very advanced backup solution. Somewhat like macrium reflect for those who have used Macrium reflect, in that it includes a built in Windows Pre-installation environment builder which will build an installation environment using the drivers on the local machine, but the environment that this tool builds has even more features and tools than Macriums. Very satisfied customer.

  12. While Rollback Rx certainly can be useful to less advanced users/those aren’t going to be doing anything complicated, for those who are, the simplest activity can completely break the system. Example: Once had Rollback RX, then, to fix some disk errors I was receiving, I created a Windows Pre-installation environment, booted it from a flash drive, and ran both chkdsk and sfc on the offline disk. When I tried to boot back into the drive afterwards….disastrous. Great for casual users, not expert use.

  13. which one out of these is the best for someone who isnt so tech savy..just upgraded to widows 10 and i need to bk up my pc for a recovery if needed,im running a dell inspiron 15
    3000 series.. intel core 13.. please and thank you for the much needed help

  14. What if I just want to access an old back up disk group from my prior computer onto my current computer. BU was Win7, new cpu is WIN10.

  15. You just gotta love is …. Acronis has become so over bloated, useless and over priced it didn’t even make the list !

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