Browser Hijacking and Free Browser Hijacker Removal Tools


  1. I just installed ADW cleaner and found a lot of “stuff” and got rid of it all!! Thanks for recommending that program.

  2. one such item is browser protect(1 is an add on and other a trojan), had the trojan and didn’t add the add on(lost everything when I had to remove this from my laptop, I screen everything I have to download this includes updates to ccleaner on, since I don’t trust many software companies that add on crap to their software ccleaner always tries to download google chrome(crap browser(yes used it before and very slow)

  3. Good advice.
    Before I installed Emsisoft Anti Malware w/ OnLine Armour I would be hit with hijackings and ransomware once in a while if I got careless with where I browsed. Now, all that activity has stopped no matter where I go. Their software is highly customizable. You do not need to turn it Off when installing software, but it will Stop the installation process until you “OK” the install. Set it to stop sites from tracking you unless you “OK” the tracking. Stopped a ransomware attack last night because I was careless, but OnLine Armour stopped it.

  4. If you buy the pro version of ccleaner you will not get add on loaded …If your going to spend over $100 for windows 8.1 or even more with a new PC with it I would think $24.00 for CCleaner wouldn’t be to much to spend myself.

  5. You have done nice job admin by providing such kinds of info and tool. for you all readers i would like to also say that to provide ongoing protection and to make your system safe and secure you may also try the free version of an automatic removal tool :

  6. In this article, the double-underlined links, when rolled-over with the mouse, pop up ads from DELL…is this intentional?

  7. I have the Pro version from torrents, Been using it as my virus and malware protection and works perfect and very low overhead .

  8. Hi I’m no techi but one day I found ADW cleaner. Like nearly everyone I try to be careful but I have had my browser hijacked. ADW has never failed.

  9. If us Muslims hijack your browser, you can expect us to fly it into your ISP. That would show you infidels whose boss….and it’s Allah!

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