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Free Acronis True Image & Norton Ghost Alternatives & Backup software

Acronis True Image & Norton Ghost are two good shareware which are used to create an image of the entire partition when the machine is in a clean state. With this image then, one can always restore back to it should the need ever arise.

Free Acronis True Image & Norton Ghost Alternatives

However, here are a few freeware imaging tools which you may try out:

1) Macrium Reflect FREE Edition

It is the only free Windows compatible disk imaging software with BartPE and Linux-based recovery options.

2) DriveImage XML

DriveImage XML is A “Norton Ghost Alternative”! It is an HDD backup and restoration software similar to Norton Ghost but FREE; the software enables you to create a complete backup image of any drive or partition, You can restore later restore the image to same or another partition, you can also clone a drive to another. The program also includes an image explorer similar to Norton Ghost Image Explorer that lets you explore previously created backup images and extract individual files.

3) DiscWizard

DiscWizard is an “Acronis Clone”! Most know of Acronis True Image, which is a popular hard-drive backup software. But you can get a Vista compatible, a rebranded version of True Image with the name DiscWizard as a free legal download from the Seagate website. It’s a 104 MB download.

4) Clonezilla

Clonezilla, based on DRBL, Partition Image, ntfsclone, partclone, and udpcast, allows you to do bare metal backup and recovery. Two types of Clonezilla are available, Clonezilla Live and Clonezilla SE (server edition). Clonezilla live is suitable for single machine backup and restore.

5) PartImage

Partimage is a Linux utility which saves partitions having a supported file system to an image file. Most Linux and Windows filesystems are supported. The image file can be compressed with the gzip / bzip2 programs to save disk space, and they can be split into multiple files to be copied on CDs / DVDs.

6) PING.

Probably the best available Linux toolbox for rescuing a system;

7) EASEUS ToDo Backup for Windows.

EASEUS ToDo Backup Home is a free file backup and disaster recovery software, protecting your data, including photos, music, videos, documents, financial data, and applications.

More Free Backup Software for Windows

  1. GFI Backup, a FREE backup software for Windows
  2. Areca File Backup Software
  3. Freeware Acronis True Image Alternatives & Norton Ghost Alternatives
  4. Paragon Free Backup & Recovery software for Windows
  5. More free Imaging, Backup and Recovery Software.

Which one is your favorite?