FotoMorph: Free Photo Morphing Software for Windows

You may be aware of ‘morphing’. Morphing is an image editing technique in which special motional effects are given to one or more pictures. It is used to illustrate one image turning or converting or changing into another. Today I would tell you about a free software that will make your  Morphing task very easy. This article will tell you about FotoMorph – a sibling of FotoMix.

FotoMorph is a free image morphing and image animating tool for beginners. You can really surprise your friends or relatives after morphing your images with this software. Originally, Morphing wass done with professional software and it used to take a lot of time taking and it wasnt easy! But as this software is designed for beginners and anyone can use it to morph the photos in just seconds.

FotoMorph animates or morphs your photos in sequences – you can add as many sequences you want. There are four types of sequences:

  1. Morph Sequence: In this sequence you can add two images and you can make them look alike as they turn into one another. For example (see the image below), I’ve added two images to FotoMorph, one is of a tiger and one is of a man. Now under the control tab I’ll match the images, I mean, I would let FotoMorph understand the eyes and the mouth of the tiger and the man. I can then preview my morph under the Animation tab. Whoa! It works like a charm.
  2. Wrap Sequence: Adds a simple wrapping sequence. It lets you add simple animations to the images. Wrapping feature works ‘awesomely’ in FotoMorph.
  3. Pan Sequence: Pan Sequence lets you smoothly pan into your image and adds an cool looking animation to your morph.
  4. Transition Sequence: In this kind of sequence, you can add multiple images and transit them and display in your final animation.

When you are done with your sequences, you can save your project file. It will be saved in FotoMorph’s own format. When you have saved your work, you can save your final image. You can save the animations in multiple formats – the options available are Image Sequence, Flash Movie (SWF), Web Page (SWF + HTML), GIF image, AVI movie. The final quality of the saved animation is just fantastic.


I would like to conclude by saying that FotoMorph is a really a fantastic Morphing tool and it is really very easy to use. Anyone whether a beginner or an advanced user can use this, to generate Morphs in just seconds. The interface of the application is just as same as of FotoMix, so read our article on FotoMix to know something about the interface of the application.

Click here to download FotoMorph.

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