Font Load-Unload : Load and Unload fonts without installing, uninstalling them

Installing too many fonts on your Windows can affect the performance of your system. It may delay the launching of your Microsoft Word application and maybe even your Windows start-up as well, as all of the fonts have to be loaded into the computer’s memory. Installing a font is fairly a simple process, but uninstalling a font can make a beginner sweat.

If you are into building a PowerPoint presentation, then you might be in need of some catchy fonts – the latest ones!  But why install a dozen of fonts for a day, which might slow down the system performance a bit?

Font Load-Unload is a free application that may make fonts available to you without permanent alteration to your system. It comes as a zip file. It is a portable app, and there are no installation procedures to be followed.

How to use Font Load-Unload

Click the Font Load-Unload icon and the application launches. All you need to do is to drag the font file you have downloaded to the LOAD button, on the application console. Instantly you will find the font available to be used on Office software.

The fonts that are loaded in the application are accessible in a way; they are installed on your system without actually installing them.  The fonts can also be unloaded by selecting them and clicking on the UNLOAD button. The application can also save the list of all the fonts that are loaded in this session so that you can use the same list to load the fonts in the later sessions.

If you have already installed too many fonts on your PC and looking a way to remove them, then this should guide on how to install and uninstall fonts in Windows 7 should help you.

Download Font Load-Unload from Softpedia.

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  1. Lbjmachado

    fantastic, I’ve been used an similar app with a few years befor the time of the portable apps

  2. Marion Davis

    Is there a version of this thatworks withj windows 10?

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