Folders Popup: Quickly navigate between your frequently used folders in Windows

While we are working on our PCs and laptops, we often need to open and use multiple folders. The Alt+Tab function key is certainly a savior when working on Windows PCs and dealing with more than one folder. However, if you want much quicker movement between the folders that you use frequently, then here’s an easy-to-use and free-to-download tool, called as Folders Popup. Folders Popup software lets you quickly browse and navigate  between your frequently used folders and documents in Windows.

Folders Popup

Using Folders Popup you can easily and quickly maneuver between frequently used folders. It does not require an installation. You just need to download an .EXE zip file and run it. You get two versions in the zipped file, namely 32-bit or 64-bit versions, which you can choose as per your system. After the selection, the folderspopup.ini file is created and updated in the same folder where you had initially saved the zipped file.

For your convenience, you can create a shortcut of Folders Popup on your Desktop. You can also select ‘Run’ in the System Tray and launch Folders Popup v3 automatically.

We often use certain folders quite frequently. These may be your Music and Video folders, Movie folders, Documents’ folders or the folders related to your work. Folders Popup tool lets you move through these folders and that too just at the tip of your finger. Just press the scrolling wheel (or the middle mouse button or Windows+K) over the Explorer window or the file dialog box. And it will popup the folder launcher which you can customize.

Folders Popup v3 is packed with some more interesting features:

1] If the middle button or a clickable scrolling wheel is missing in your mouse, then you can select another trigger through ‘Options’ dialog box.

2] You can assign any shortcut key to open Folder Popup v3 menu.

3] Folder Popup allows you to fix the Settings as per your choice. You can Add, rename, reorder or remove the folders in this setting window.

Folders Popup

4] Using ‘Add This Folder’ menu, you can add more folders.

Folders Popup

Folder Popup works smoothly on Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP with Console Window (CMD command prompt), Explorer windows and File Dialog Boxes (Open, Save, etc.).

Other features of Folders Popup include:

  • Managing the popup menu, such as editing the list of folders etc.
  • You can select any language from English, German, French, Korean and Dutch.
  • You can configure triggers for the functions such as opening the Settings dialog box. By default, this function’s trigger is Shift-Windows-F).
  • Set the submenus. You can group your favorite and frequently visited locations or subjects in nested sub-menus.
  • You can also use ‘Switch’ menu to switch to other opened file Explorer windows.

You can download it and learn more about other features of Folders Popup from its home page.

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