Flico Chrome extension lets you identify landmarks in YouTube videos

While watching videos on YouTube we come across a lot of things that make us pause the video and then search for it on the internet. Flico is a free Google Chrome extension that lets you scan YouTube videos and provide you with the information related to the landmarks, nearby places and other stuff featured in a particular video.

Flico Chrome extension

Flico identifies the landmark in YouTube videos along with a map and street view. It can also be used to identify the meaning of unfamiliar words that you come across while watching any video.

Once you have downloaded and installed this extension, all you need to do is install Flico and then open up a YouTube video and you will be welcomed by a small Flico icon and the bottom right corner.

Flico Chrome extension

Whenever you come across some place that you want to know more about, simply pause the video and hit the Flico button, and then select ‘Scan Landmarks’. The scan will automatically come up with results relating to the landmark or a place in the video. The results are not very accurate but they are considerably good and reliable.

There might be some instances where Flico will return no results, but that can be understood as the extension stands to do a task which no other tool can do. Once you’ve got your scan results for a landmark, you can easily jump to its street view, maps or nearby places. Or you can directly share the scan results on Twitter as well.


The tool can also scan a YouTube video for new words. I really was not able to use this feature as it returned very common words like ‘School’ and ‘Great’. But this feature may be very useful for people who are learning the language and want to do it in an intuitive way.

Flico came out to be surprisingly well otherwise. It is indeed an amazing experience to have this extension installed on Google Chrome.

Go here with your Chrome browser to install Flico and easily locate and find the places you see in a YouTube video.

UPDATED Aug 31, 2018: Flico seems discontinued. It is not available on the Internet anymore.

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