FIX: Windows 7 Taskbar resets to the default settings


  1. My taskbar resets but I do NOT have automatic logon. I believe I may have set automatic logon once a while ago but set it back to requiring a password. So should I try this fix?

  2. Well, KB979155 did not work for me, but I did get a solution. First, I will tell you, I did backup my files, set the restore point, then try the hotfix; but it said that it did not apply to my system. So I tried something: I closed the HP Support Assistant toolbar. Now, my other toolbars keep their settings across reboots. Perhaps the problem had something to do with the Support Assistant stretching up along the three rows of the Taskbar that I have, against the right side. Anyway,… problem solved, and thanks for your suggestion, Anand! – notreal

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