Firefox Persona to dress up your Firefox browser

First … for those of you who don’t know what a Firefox Persona is, it’s a special kind of Firefox theme which changes the look of the browser without affecting its functional buttons, menus, toolbars etc. It helps you dress up your Firefox browser, without changing anything significant.

Firefox Persona

Here are few Firefox Persona, I searched over at the gallery. You might want to check them out!

1. Dark’s Super Awesome FireFox.

The First one is from the Firefox category itself. The name says it all! It just looks awesome once you dress up your Browser with this one.

Wear it :Dark Super Awesome Firefox.

2. Fox Splash.

Wear IT : Fox Splash.

3. Smallville – Superman Begins.

This one is my personal favorite.This is the persona  for all the Superman Fans out there.

Wear IT: Smallville-Superman Begins.

4. GalaxyFox.

Yet another Firefox persona with Supercool Galaxy like image which suits your Firefox browser anyday

Wear it :Galaxy Fox.


The Facebook Persona for the social bug in you.

Wear it : Facebook

These are just a few of my favorite Firefox Persona’s.

What’s your Firefox Persona !? Please do share your favorite persona’s in the comment!

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