Run Firefox OS on Windows PC with Simulator

Firefox OS is a whole new Mobile OS developed by Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko project. The operating system does not come installed on any of the phones yet. But you can have a look at the OS, by simulating it on your Windows PC. This is a Linux-based, open source OS for Mobiles and Tablets. This tutorial will tell how can you run Mozilla OS on Windows.

Firefox OS Simulator

Step 1: First of all you need Mozilla Firefox browser running on your PC. If you haven’t installed Firefox yet. You can download and install it. Now you need to download the Firefox OS Simulator – it is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Simulator Download

Step 2: Open Mozilla Firefox. Click on Firefox menu and then on ‘Add-ons’. Click on the small settings icon and then click on ‘Install add-on from the file.’ Locate where you’ve downloaded the file in the previous step. Select the file and click on install now.

Step 3: Now you’ve successfully installed the Firefox OS simulator on your PC. To run the simulator, click on Firefox menu and then on ‘Web Developer’ and then on ‘Firefox OS Simulator’, you would be redirected to the Firefox OS Simulator Dashboard, from where you can run the simulator.

Simlator Dashboard

firefox os

This is how you can install and run this simulator.

Now let’s see how to add apps to the Firefox OS. To add the apps you need the URL of the WebApp file, or you can locate the directory of the file.

Step 1: Open the Firefox OS Simulator Dashboard. Add the URL or Select the manifest.webapp from a directory and click on add button.


Step 2: The app will be added to the app list, you can run or update the app from that list. Click on the Run button and in the simulator window; you will see the app running.

Overall, the Firefox OS Simulator is a very good testing platform. Non-geek users may not want to try this as sometime it results in confusing errors. Let Mozilla release the full simulator – or you can wait for a Firefox OS phone to come to the market. You can get the simulator at

In a few days, we will see how to run Chrome OS on Windows.

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