Firefox has a case of sour grapes, says IE9 not a modern browser


  1. Well nothing to say but IE will be soon down once Firefox 4 is released because they have drop the support of Windows XP and the 57% of people uses Windows XP others are at Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Soon they will regret (THEY SHOULD) 🙂

  2. I refuse to use IE. It’s horribly slow, buggy and unsafe. I use Firefox almost exclusively. I question the author’s statement that “I feel Internet Explorer 9 is a LOT better and faster than Firefox.” he says he feels it’s faster and better but feelings are like elbows, everyone has them. It’s also a biased opinion since the articles have to ALWAYS have a positive spin on Microsoft.
    The problem with big corporate (Microsoft) is that they spend to much time playing catch up instead of spending more time on innovation. It’s not important to have a bunch of releases of poorly designed products, it just reinforces the negative views of the company, its products and its practices. If they can put out a good, safer browser, I’m all aboard, until then – neh!

  3. @OblongCircle. While I respect your opinion, I have to ask you – Where have you been? IE9 Slow, buggy and unsafe!?!? Pre-conceived notions are responsible for the bad image which the Internet Explorer brand suffers from. Sure IE6 during the XP days could be described using the 3 adjectives. But IE9 !? … (as you put it) … neh!

  4. @WindowsClub and where have YOU been? Since ms does release it’s own web browser with it’s own page formats, with it’s own little bugs…I feel I have to say this IE does not provide a safer, better experience on the web because it is STILL heavy, buggy, late and non-innovative. It seems that I also need to remind you that a browser with 20 bugs figured out on day one and got it all solved on day two is much safer than a browser with only one bug that lasts more than two years – aka internet explorer – which should be dead for now.

  5. While I pretty much exclusively use firefox I have also played with the new ie9 quite a bit and have to say that as much as I love firefox and will never leave it behind…. ie9 loads faster has about the same surfing speed as firefox 4 beta 11 and has many new and great features. yester decades fears and pre conceived notions should be discarded and ie9 should be given a fair chance, this is not to say “make it default browser” just give it a fair chance. I’ve been a firefox user for years and it is and will coontinue to always be my default browser but I frequently run across clients that want a different browser and do not want to use ie and do not like firefox so I’m frequently testing browsers lol (maxthon rocks)kmeleon is simply the fastest browser I have ever encountered and on and on….lol

  6. Windows Club, you statement:”Maxthon is a free Internet Explorer based browser and while I have installed and use all browsers, I have been using Maxthon as my primary for quite a few years now.” is quite revealing considering it’s an IE shell. What could you say about IE otherwise? It certainly wouldn’t be “I like Firefox but am stuck with an IE based system for my beautiful shell.” Then there is your statement: “I feel Internet Explorer 9 is a LOT better”….if “feeling” is the basis of judgment, don’t you believe “feeling” can be offered by others as well?

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