Firefox gets the Paste & Go feature


  1. “Other browsers such as… ”

    Gee. Google Chrome was almost as late to the “paste and go” feature as Firefox. And Maxthon? First “added” paste and go in 2007… as an add-on, an extension. Late to the game, as well.

    But, it is nice to see more and more browsers copying Opera’s functionality. Eventually, one of them might just be as “out of the box” functional as Opera is now. Still waiting though. Why, browsers in general just recently caught up to Opera’s 1994 multi-pages, one window approach by emulating its tabbing interface, some nearly as well.

    Now, how easy is it in these other browsers that have finally emulated paste and go to designate–within the browser’s own interface, as has been possible in Opera for many, many iterations–a key combo of the user’s choice to effect paste and go?

    Not so, is how easy.

  2. This feature is enabled on ie9
    copy some text or a url and right click an empty space in the browser window.
    You’ll get the option there 😉

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