Download any Mozilla Firefox browser version with Firefox Download Tool

Mozilla Firefox browser occupies 2nd spot when it comes to the Internet browser market share and therefore has been a popular choice among the internet user over the years. If you prefer Mozilla Firefox as the browser on your PC, then you must have Firefox Download Tool as it makes it easy to download any Firefox web browser versions along with language options and more. It is a freeware and supports Windows 10/8/7 operating systems.

Firefox Download Tool

Firefox download tool is portable and does not require any installation. Therefore, you can launch it from a USB drive, external Hard Disk or other removable storage media. In addition, being a lightweight application, it hardly consumes any RAM on your PC.

On launching the application, you can view the Information related to the selected Firefox version displayed in the bottom of the interface. By default, the tool will always download the most recent version.

Firefox download tool

However, you can also select the versions that are older or according to your requirement as shown in the below screenshot. There are almost 30 versions that you can select from.

Firefox download tool

Choose from different language options

With Firefox download tool, you have the option of choosing your installation from different languages. There are almost 34 languages listed in the drop-down menu.

Based on your CPU configuration you can select between 32-bit and the 64-bit version.

Once you are done with the selection, you can start downloading by simply clicking on the Start button. The progress of the download can be seen in the progress bar. Post download, the Firefox installation file is saved in the indicated directory.

Firefox download tool

Copy function

As displayed in the above screenshot, a copy function can be seen below the progress bar. This can be used to copy specific information related to the downloaded file. This information contains details related to the,

  • The information about the version of Firefox including version ID, language, 32-bit or 64-bit.
  • The path where the file is stored and the file name.
  • The download URL.
  • The information that is required to check on the integrity of the download like MD5, SHA1, and SHA256.

VirusTotal integration

Alongside the Copy function, a “Virus Total” function is also on offer. It can be used to verify if the downloaded file is protected against the virus. However, this function works only if the related file has already been added to the Virus Total database. If the file is not added to your Virus Total, no worries at all. You can upload it for free at any time to

After the file is uploaded, the Firefox Download Tool will load the appropriate Virus Total page.


Below are some of the reasons why Firefox Download Tool may be useful to you if you are Firefox Mozilla browser fan.

  • Installation: Since it is portable, it won’t even modify your Windows registry entries.
  • Simple Interface: The interface of Firefox Download Tool consists of many intuitive controls. It benefits users with its minimalistic approach. With few radio buttons, a couple of combo menus and a Start/Cancel button it is easier to use even for first-time.
  • Versions: Feature to download your preferred version
  • Direct download feature: Downloading Firefox from any other browser than Firefox download Tool is a time-consuming process. Also you will find it hard to locate your preferred version.
  • Beneficial for web developers: The Firefox Download Tool is especially very useful for web developers and software designers who need to work with several web different languages and area settings.

Click here to download Firefox Download Tool.

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