Firefox Containers aims to protect online identity

Firefox Containers is an experimental feature that lets you launch a website in containers so as to help you separate them from one another in various ways (assigning custom labels to each container or use color-coded tabs). If enabled, it lets a user login to multiple accounts on the same website, side-by-side. How’s it made possible? Simple, by instructing containers to store cookies separately. When done, barriers on the flow of data across sites by isolating cookies, indexedDB, localStorage, etc are effectively placed allowing a user to open sites in a specific container only.

While using Firefox 55 I received a popup from the browser asking me if I wanted to try out this feature. That is what led me to look into this feature. I hit the ‘Try Containers’ button that appeared in the upper right corner of the web page.

Firefox Container

Firefox Containers feature

Different containers can be set up for separate activities. For instance, you may set up a container for online shopping, a container for completing banking operations, and a container for social networking. Although, at first sight, it appears that the feature overlaps with Firefox’s existing Profiles feature, a key difference that separates the two is that a user’s history, bookmarks, and saved passwords are shared between containers, and so he doesn’t need to switch to a separate window.

When enabling this feature, a new functionality will be added to your browser, providing Containers for your tabs. It will be visible as a new menu when you long-press on the “+” button in tab bar.

Simply organize your activities and start using this feature.

Since this is an experimental feature, any changes you made to the browser will be undone after 28 days and the browser will return to its normal mode. Any Containers you created and used during this period will be removed.

If you do not find this feature appealing, you can disable it by taking the following action:

Type about:addons into the location bar, and press Enter.

Find Containers Experiment in the extensions list pane.

Click the Remove button.

Try this new Firefox experimental feature today and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

To know about other changes, visit Mozilla.

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  1. I’m Using Session Box Extension For This Purpose, Thanks!!For Sharing

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