Mozilla Firefox app for Windows optimized for Touch – Review

Ever since I started browsing the Internet, Mozilla Firefox has always been my favorite browser of choice. I used it during the Windows XP days and I use it now, even on my  Windows 8.1. Well, the Firefox team is working on the Firefox Metro app for Windows touch editions. Recently, I tested the beta version of this app, and it looks like Mozilla has done a good job with it, and we could hope to get the stable app soon.

firefox app for windows 8

If you too looking to test it now, you can follow the steps mentioned below to get Firefox in Metro mode:

Firefox app for Windows Touch

1. Go to this page and download the beta version setup of Mozilla Firefox. If you have already Firefox installed on your system, you’ll be prompted to upgrade.


2. Now the Firefox setup will download the browser and install it.


3. When the browser installation is done with, you can click the Firefox orange button and select Relauch in Firefox for Windows 8 Touch.


Finally, then you can see the Firefox in Windows 8 Mode:


The Firefox start page is truly awesome with high resolution. Scrolling this page to horizontally takes you to the Bookmarks and Recent History section.


It should be noted that only the design has been changed here, not the functionality. The productivity of this browser is still same – in fact better than others on Touch, in my opinion.

You can press the Windows + I (common for all Metro apps) to get Settings charm in the app. However, not much of options are available here since we tested the beta edition. But more options to be expected in stable release. The easy navigation button makes your browsing more fast.


The JavaScript alerts are also dressed up this time.


You can now upload the files using Modern file browser:


In the nutshell, if you’re using Firefox for only browsing then this app is a good option for you. But if you’re doing any commercial work like developing a site or posting something which needs vocabulary correction, then its better to use Desktop version.

The app will hit Windows Store soon when its development is completed fully so that end users can use it.

Hope you enjoy using the Firefox app for Windows 8!

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  1. Inger Mykelz

    I enjoy testing out beta releases and would enjoy this one as well but I was hoping you could save me some trouble … I have windows 8.1 on a desktop. A regular, standard, NO touch ability at all. So would it even be worth the download for a system without touch?

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