Find the best Pokémons with Pokémon GO Live Map

Niantic, the creator of Pokémon GO, has in recent times removed several apps and entities relating to the game. This made it difficult for some players to enjoy Pokémon GO, and rightfully so. The game requires players to get out of their houses to find Pokémon, something that takes too much time and effort. The question is, how does one find Pokémon without having to go outside? Well, there’s an app known as Pokémon GO Live Map, and it’s all about finding the little critters on the map near your location. No need to go out searching, just use the map from the comfort of your home, then travel to the location of the Pokémon you want to catch.

Pokémon GO Live Map

Easy stuff, but probably won’t be easy catching that Pokémon you’re after. You’ll need quite a few Pokeballs, so make sure to fill up your coffers at one of the many PokeStops before moving forward.

How to use Pokémon GO Live Map

First thing, download the software from the official website, the extract the ZIP file to a specified folder. Find the executable file and launch it. From there, follow the instructions until the program has been installed on your machine.

The software should take some time to download seeing as the size is little over 80MB.

After the installation, launch the program and be ready to be greeted with a screen that requires you to generate a Google Map’s key. Follow the instructions then, log in with your Google account. After gaining access to your Google or Pokemon GO account, log in and be greeted with an elegantly designed map.

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Find the best Pokémons

From here, you should see several Pokémon’s in and around your area after a simple scan. Bear in mind that a Pokémon doesn’t stay in one location for long. Thankfully, there’s a timer that tells how long you have before a Pokémon leaves the area.

We could only make a single search every 30-seconds, so this might not sit well with a lot of people. Furthermore, even when the Pokemon GO servers are down, we could still use the program, but had to live with a lost of accuracy during this time.

The best feature we came across, however, is the ability to pin any location to the map. We were not restricted to nearby areas, and that was a big plus in our eyes.

We’re not huge fans of Pokemon GO, but we can see why this software could help in catching them all. You’ll still need the game on your smartphone to work alongside the program, but you should have known that already.

Download it here.

TIP: You can also play Pokemon Go on Windows computer.

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