How To Find and Filter My Contacts in Windows Phone 7.5

We all know that Windows Phone 7.5 has enriched with many new and improved features. Perhaps the good news for the Windows Phone users is that, you need not mess up your contacts if you have a long list of contacts from different categories like work email, personal email, social networks, etc. Let’s learn how you can find contacts easily, quickly, and filter out the contacts that are unwanted.

Steps to Filter Contacts List in Windows Phone 7

In your contact list, contacts from the accounts you’ve set on your phone will appear by default. Conversely, you can filter the list, in order to show the contacts only from the accounts you choose. Once you filter your contacts, the filtered contacts will not be visible in your list, though still they are on your phone, and you can get them by search.

  1. On Start, flick left to the App list, and then tap Settings.
  2. Tap People by flicking left to the Applications.
  3. Now, Tap Filter my contacts list, select the accounts from which you want to show contacts, and then tap Done.

How To filter social updates in Windows Phone 7

If you want to hide the updates from not so important social network because of the excessive posts, comments, and tweets, then follow one of the steps mentioned below.

  1. As you before tapped on settings, once again flick left to the App list, and then Tap Setting > Applications > People. Tap Only displays posts from people visible in my contact list. The updates, posts from social networks that you’ve filtered out of your contact list will no longer be visible in What’s new in People.
  2. Tap People after going on start. Flick to What’s new, tap All accounts, and then tap the account whose posts you want to view.

How to search your contact list in Windows Phone 7

If you have plenty of contacts in the list then the best resort to find a contact is to search.

  1. On Start Screen, tap People.
  2. Now, browse to All, tap Search, and then start typing the name you looking for. The list will filter as you type.

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  1. Contactus

    I have a mango phone and can’t believe how much of a pain it is finding contacts – I want my facebook and contacts to be seperate!! but it would seem you have to choose all or nothing! I have created a friends group and pinned it to my tiles screen – great! but then when I tap it it shows facebook images of those friends without the names! – BAD IDEA I have several friends with girlfriends of which I am also friends, so when they use a profile pic of them as a couple how do I know who is who – oh thats right I am expected to wait a few seconds for their name to appear over the top. Bad design.

  2. Abject

    Terrible design, chose to filter facebook OUT of my contacts. But it still shows facebook photos on people, it still searches through facebook addresses when I DO NOT WANT it to use facebook for anything. If I want facebook I will log in with the app. k thx. bye.

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