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Files app for Windows Phone lets you share files, videos & images to the web

Microsoft release a useful app for Windows Phone devices a while back that is called Files. Unfortunately, it went under the radar, so it is possible not many fans of the platform might have gotten the chance to give it a spin.

The app is a great way to manage content on Windows Phone devices, but it is also great for sharing content with friends or on the web. Since the main feature here is management, chances are, not many users have the slightest idea that sharing is something Files is capable of.

Yes, it is possible to share files, videos & images to the web, or via NFC or Bluetooth, using the Files app for Windows Phone.

Files app for Windows Phone

To kick things off, folks who are interested in Files should download the app from the Windows Phone Store by going here. It’s a relatively small download so it can be done without the need of Wi-Fi.

Once the app is installed, return to the home screen and swipe to the left to open the App List on the right. Scroll down to find the app called, Files, and then tap to open. After doing this, choose Phone – SD Card to locate the folders or files needed to be shared.

To share, the user just needs to select one of the folders or files, and then hit the share button. From there, the option will present itself to share via NFC or Bluetooth. If the user has Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media apps installed on their device, then those options will pop-up as well.

Users can also upload content directly to their OneDrive account, but we believe they may choose to do this via the official OneDrive app in the Windows Phone Store.

Before sharing multiple files and folders, Windows Phone 8 device owners should bear in mind that it might take a long while for data to go through, though it all comes down to the size.

We suggest sharing over Wi-Fi, but if away from Wi-Fi, make sure there’s a charging station nearby because the devices battery is going to kick the bucket.

Windows Phone in its current form may not yet ready to compete on the same level as Android and iOS. The app store is lacking, and many features found on iOS and Android are missing from Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

With the coming of Windows 10 in the future, we see will a new dawn of Windows handsets in the coming months as more  fans are getting excited for what is to come.