FileFriend: Split, Join, Encrypt and Hide files as JPG images

FileFriend is a free Windows utility that lets you split, join and encrypt files into JPG images. It is a great utility for security freaks and is also easy to operate, so inexperienced users may not face any problem here. FileFriend is a tiny little portable application which sizes around 500 KBs and you can carry it anywhere in a USB drive. The features of the tool are discussed in detail below.

FileFriend Features

Split files

You can split almost any file into smaller sub-files. You can split a larger file by either choosing the maximum number of sub-files or by setting maximum size of a sub-file. Below that the final calculation is displayed, that is the no of parts multiplied by the size of each part is displayed.

Once you’ve chosen appropriate settings and output directory you just need to hit the ‘Split’ button to get going. Splitting files comes handy when there is size limit while uploading content to some websites or if you simply want to transfer a larger file to more than one USB drives, you can split them suitably.

FileFriend Split

Join files

To join files, you need to feed the sub-files to generate the one larger file. To join all the sub-files, you just need to select any one of them and the software would scan rest of them in the same directory. Once the sub-files are loaded, just choose an output directory and click on ‘Join’ to get back your original file. You can even delete the sub-files from the software itself.

Encrypt files

The program comes with an inbuilt file/directory encryption tool. You can select a file or a folder that you want to encrypt/decrypt. After choosing it, you need to select a strong password. The file will be encrypted – and to my surprise the encryption process was very fast – it didn’t take even a second to encrypt a file of some 900 MBs.

For decrypting a file, you need to process it again through the program and with the same password. If the password is different from what you used at the time of encryption then the file would be again encrypted instead of decryption. So you really need to remember the encryption passwords or you’ll lose access to your files.

FileFriend Encrypt


This amazing feature lets you encrypt and hide files under a JPG image file. First of all you need to select a JPG image file, then choose a strong encryption password and then browse for a file that you want to be hidden inside the image.

Using FileFriend you can even view and extract the contents of the JPG image, but as always you need to remember the encryption password.

There is another option that lets you delete all the files hidden under the image file. It is not recommended to hide very large files under the image as they would make the size of JPG image suspiciously high and there are chances of getting caught but until unless you type in your encryption password, no one can access those files.

FileFriend JPK

FileFriend is a great free tool. Do not go upon its size, it is capable of doing many complex tasks and that too in a matter of seconds. The tool is highly recommended for security purpose and for simple file splitting.

Click here to download FileFriend.

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    really a nice and handy tool. Does every job on the fly. Appriceciated.

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