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File Fisher: Freeware to copy or move particular file types from a mixed bunch

Sometimes copying or moving files can be very annoying. One of the most common problems while working on the computer is the slower copying or moving files speed, especially when transferring big files. If you regularly transfer a large amount of files and want to speed up your copying or moving files speed, File Fisher is the right software that can help you to transfer your files quickly. It is highly reliable and handy software. What you all need to do is to select the source and destination folder, the rest of the task is handled by the software itself. Since it is a light weighted software, it doesn’t put much pressure on your system as well.

File Fisher for Windows

Lets say you want to copy all the images, which are mixed with other files like music or documents, from one folder to another location. Simply drag and drop the source and destination folders and specify which file types you need to copy or move. Hit Start and the freeware will segregate the files and copy or move them for you.

How this copying or moving files software works

File Fisher is a simple yet reliable fast file copier too. With this software not only is it possible to segregate file types, you can also easily cut down the duration of copying or moving files.

Follow these steps to see how File Fisher works:

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Key Features of File Fisher

This freeware has many good features such as ;

There are more features available for you to make working easier. Some of these are as follows:

To download this free software you need to have Java installed on your system. The file size is just 333 KB, and it hardly takes any time to get installed.

Another interesting freeware is Dabel File Mover. It lets you copy files from multiple source folders to different destination folders. You might want to check it out.