FIFA Mobile for Windows 10 Mobile is buggy and not fun

FIFA Mobile is one of the newest games to come to Windows 10 Mobile, and after playing it for several weeks, we have to say, this game is not that fun at all. It doesn’t have a long lasting fun factor when compared to FIFA Ultimate Team, and that’s a problem.

When we installed the game for the first time, the excitement was imaginable as we thought this game would bring forward a significant level of fun. However, it turned out to be a title so lackluster; one would have to wonder if anyone will continue playing in the months to come.

FIFA Mobile for Windows 10 Mobile

FIFA Mobile for Windows 10 Mobile

Unlike FIFA Ultimate Team where the player can fire up the game and play as much as they want, this is not the case with FIFA Mobile. The developer of the game, Electronic Arts, decided to follow a tactic used by many mobile game developers.

What we’re saying is this, FIFA Mobile is a limited experience per session. Whenever you play, some points are lost, and when it goes to zero, you’ll have to wait until the points are automatically refilled. Sounds like most mobile games available for Windows 10 Mobile? Yes, it does.

When it comes down to gameplay, well, it lacks finesse. The artificial intelligence at times just seems to do things that are not best for the team. We should also mention that when the joystick is on the screen, controlling the players is not a complicated affair. However, take your fingers away from the screen for too long, and the whole game automatically plays itself.

This can be a problem seeing as the AI is not smart, and will take individual paths that are against what you’re trying to achieve.

Gameplay Modes

The most interesting mode of all is Attack Mode. This is a multiplayer mode where the player attacks another player, then wait for them to strike back. When you’re in Attack Mode, the aim is to score as many goals as possible in hopes that when your opponent attacks back, they are not able to outscore your original number of goals.

It’s a simple mode, and fun, but only at the beginning. After a while, players will realize the AI on the defending and opposing teams are not smart enough, and this takes the fun out of the experience.

The Real Problems

This game crashes a lot, especially at crucial times. It’s a new game, I get it, but this type of performance from a FIFA game is not acceptable. We reject this – especially when it happens on the regular. It’s as if Electronic Arts doesn’t care much about who plays the game.

If you’re a FIFA fan, we recommend getting a fairly powerful Windows 10 computer or an Xbox One S and purchase FIFA 17 instead of wasting precious time on FIFA Mobile.

You want to check it out, you can download FIFA Mobile for Windows 10 Mobile via the Windows Store for free.

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