Feewhee: Control window sizes and transparency with mouse wheel

Feel the Wheel  or Feewhee is a freeware that adds an extraordinary and an amazing feature to your computer’s mouse scroll wheel. With this tool you can resize applications and control their transparency simply by scrolling. In short, it lets you control windows sizes and transparency with mouse wheel. The application is really very helpful and is based on a very innovative concept, as it allows you to easily resize the application window without dragging their corners.



Feewhee has been intelligently developed. It prevent all the unnecessary window resizing and transparency changes, and makes the changes to windows, only when you hover upon the title bar of the window and then scroll the wheel. Feewhee performs both of its tasks very well.

The resizing process for windows seems very natural it is similar to resizing by dragging the corners of the window but it is easier to resize using Feewhee as if we compare to the later one, it seems kind of challenging task to locate the corner and then wait for the arrow head to come and then drag the window in a certain direction.

Similarly, you can change the transparency of the window by hovering upon the title bar of the program and scrolling the wheel with the shift button pressed from the keyboard. You can scroll for a longer time to make the window completely transparent or you can scroll for a shorter time to make the window translucent or less transparent. This features comes into scene when you want to peek in to an application that is running at the back and believe me or not you can do it very fast with this tool. The feature is usefully, handy and again innovative.

According to the developers of this software, Feewhee is the feature that Microsoft Overlooked while developing Windows.

Feewhee worked very well with me, but a flaw I noticed was that Feewhee couldn’t work with the Microsoft Office applications and the Windows Task Manager – but still I liked the tool and it is worth the use. It is available in a 6Kb exe file or you can download it in a 4.6Kb zip file for free.

Feewhee download

Click here to download Feewhee. Feewhee is a tiny silent utility. There is no GUI or system tray icon. You have  to download it and then simply run Feewhee and this functionality gets added to your mouse. It performs very well and I can rate it 9 out of 10.

You can close or disable Feewhee by opening Task Manager and ending the Feewhee’s process. 

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