Some Feedback For SkyDrive, Office 2013 & Windows 8


  1. Nice post… I agree with everything that you stated above. Let’s see if Microsoft really listens to their customers.

  2. If you are uploding Photo Albums, docs via WL Mail to SkyDrive then in Mail you have option of Photo Album Expiration of 90 days. And this can be turned off too.

  3. if microsoft is listening to it’s customers it would not have brought out windows 8 the way it is

  4. They did – on my blogs. I linked them again and few days later, the links broke. I moved my material to MediaFire later.

  5. Here is a tweet I got from program manager at SkyDrive (Arcadiy Kantor,
    @arcadiy). “Was reading your article about SkyDrive. FYI, SkyDrive links do not expire. If you’re seeing this, please post on support forum.”

    If he is saying, maybe SkyDrive links do not expire indeed. I will give it a try again and see over a period of time before editing the above.

  6. Well, the SkyDrive program manager did got into touch on Twitter. Said links do not expire. Posted the entire tweet above, for your reference. 🙂

  7. Can anyone tell me why the font rendering in Windows 8 – mainly IE10 and Office 2013 is so bad?
    I have tried every setting imaginable and on differing hardware and it makes no difference. Dual booting on the same machine, Windows 7 is fine but Windows 8 fonts are so blurry it is unusable.

  8. Recd clarification from the SkyDrive team as well. I was sharing using the browser URL and they keep on changing. Share using “share” option wont expire. Thank you for bringing this up. 🙂

  9. Something to do with increasing font size without breaking them at edges. Until Windows 7, fonts were optimized for screen only with ClearType. In Windows8, I heard they are using the Mac style subpixel rendering too – using RGB pixels. When rendered on screen, they create small extra pixels of these R/G/B colors due to which they appear fuzzy on screen. They render faster while rotating screen. Also, good for printing.

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