Feed Reader for Windows Phone 7 goes to v2.0

Feed Reader was released as one of the first Windows Phone 7 apps in the marketplace and the first RSS Reader. Feed Reader is ‘mostly’ a Google Reader client (with support for podcasts) but it’s also a full Twitter application. It has hit v2.0 now, and has a slew of new features.

Audio Playback of news items

Feed Reader allows you to read out your feeds in not just English, but a total of five languages (using Bing translation and speak services!). You can choose to listen to your news when you’re driving or doing other stuff.  Here’s how it works:  Pick a feed, then select a feed item, then hit the play button at the bottom and it will read the first 500 characters to you, then automatically move to the next item and keep reading until it gets to the end of your feed list you are on.

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Other Feed features

  • New Facebook support to post item to your Facebook wall (already has support for Twitter, Instapaper, Read it Later, email, and text message)
  • Send live html page items that don’t format well on mobile devices to Google Mobilizer
  • Select a customized setting per feed (html or text view)
  • You can now use the Podcast and Twitter features without a Google Reader account (just leave them blank at launch)

New ‘pivot’ home page

clip_image004clip_image005 clip_image006

New Twitter Redesigned Page

Full featured Twitter client built in with consistent UI.

clip_image007 clip_image008 clip_image011

Enhanced Podcast Support

  • New Podcast ‘pivot’ home page, with genres, favorites, download and recent plays
  • New in app player page
  • Supports resuming paused podcasts

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Click here to try it out!

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