Features missing in Windows Phone 7 Series


  1. VT@TWC : There is multitasking, it just limited to 1st party for now. There is flash support, just not ready yet. There will be ota upgrade. As far as 6.5 to W7 concerns, its not a feature, it’s a incompatibility issue. Older apps need to be upgrade its not finger friendly. Oh, copy and paste, when was the last time you did that on a phone?

    When did this site become another gadget blog?

  2. @hob: Are these features in WP7S from what we know of? No they are not! And hence its fine to call them as missing or needed.

    TWC will now also cover Windows Phones and hence you will see articles on it.

  3. @Vasu :I think its due to the number of diff buttons in wp7..therefore diff hardware.. Thats why the compatibility is not there..

  4. As far I concern, Multitasking and Copy n Paste (for OS core apps only) feature will be included.

    No Upgrade for earlier release and No support for legacy application… just becoz It has been designed from scratch.

    More Info HERE.

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