Features of Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 7

The latest version of Internet Explorer 10, optimized for touch was made available for download for Windows 7 a few days ago. Here are some of the features of this new browser, in brief.

Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 7

Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 is more about performance improvements rather than features! Installing the browser automatically replaces previous version of it. The interface of IE 10 looks clean. The Forward and Back buttons integrate well into the window, visible at the bottom of the screen making the browser look  seamless. Other tabs and the address bar share the same space.

The Menu bar remains hidden by default and a small gear shaped icon at the top right gives a user access to all the options necessary for tweaking or managing applications. As in Windows 8, IE 10 for Windows 7 too features ‘Do Not Track’ option which is enabled by default. This helps the browser prevent certain websites from tracking a user’s browsing behavior for the purpose of serving targeted ads. This rule however, is only applicable to websites that comply with the request.

Apart from this, Microsoft has mentioned that Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 includes the same security features as that of its predecessor, with improvements such as full support for HTML5 Sandbox technology. The highlight of the browser is an optional “ Enhanced Protected Mode,” which locks down parts of the operating system that the browser not necessarily require to access.

A new capability called ‘Flip Ahead’ has been included in IE 10 which lets the browser detect if an article on the Web has multiple pages or not. If yes, the function automatically lets you turn to the next page. So, while reading an article, user can simply swipe across the screen and continue reading the next page instead of having to scroll down to click on a link. Just hit the ‘Forward’ button in IE10’s navigation bar!

In terms of speed, IE 10 out performs most browsers and works just fine. Most will also appreciate the fact that support for spell check has now been included, which was long overdue.

The Mandelbrot test drive is an example of how IE10 runs real world sites fast, particularly sites with computationally intensive JavaScript and graphics. The chart below shows the result of Mandelbrot calculations for 21 presets run in IE10, Chrome 23, and Firefox 16, showing IE10 on average is over twice as fast as Chrome and about 20% faster than Firefox.

On the downside, unlike the Windows 8 version of IE10, Windows 7 IE 10 does not come with an Adobe Flash plug-in pre-installed.

Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 make all online services and websites look more compelling and dynamic and website developers shouldn’t hesitate to download and install Internet Explorer 10 on their Windows 7 machines and test the browser’s potential for themselves.

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