List of features added or removed in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft has commenced its rollout process for installing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update on millions of devices around the globe that are already running Windows 10. Based on your time zone, some of you might have already updated your devices to Windows 10 version 1607 and be digging around & exploring all the new things included in this big update. Feature-wise, this update is even bigger than the November Update (version 1511) and comes with a lot of notable fixes. Let’s take a quick glance at what all new features have been added or, deprecated/removed in Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Features added in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

1] Microsoft has introduced a brand new All Apps view

Tweaking it a bit, Microsoft has introduced a brand new All Apps view for a full-screen Start menu. User profile and control buttons are all moved to the left side dumped in a hamburger menu while middle column shows the recently added apps on the top, followed by most used apps. Easy to move around and appealing to look at, Start screen has doubled it charm with the effective refinement.

features added or removed in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

2] Improvements in Action Center

Action Center has never been this much fun. It has been relocated on the far right of taskbar making it a lot easier to notice the new notifications as they come in. A counter on its icon denotes the notifications that need your attention. Images included in the toast notifications are now more uniform and sharp-edged giving it an acute touch. Notifications about a similar app are now clubbed under one division so that it becomes easy to dismiss all at once.

All the features added and removed in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

3] Microsoft Edge now gets Extensions

Slowly and steadily, Microsoft is approaching the competitors while adding on the feature set for Edge. Extensions are finally available for Edge with Anniversary Update. You can download and install these extensions to see how it all blends in. Battery usage is also improved with Edge in this update. When you looked at the experience with Edge one year ago, it all seems distant now. Performance has been improved in every possible way. With the future updates, it would become easier for Chrome developers to port their extensions to Edge with a trivial code change.

All the features added and removed in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

4] Windows Defender gets more muscle

Windows Defender is far improved. It can be used as a dependable anti-malware in Windows 10 and most home users may not find it necessary to install a 3rd-party antivirus software on the computer.

Windows Defender in Windows 10 version 1607 and later also adds the ability to Turn On/Off Limited Periodic Scanning, Turn On/Off Enhanced Notifications and Conduct an Offline Scan.

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5] Windows Ink gets a major update

This is the trump card! With Windows Ink Workspace, Microsoft has played a brilliant card on the consumers who frequently uses tablets and 2-in-1s. If you’ve got Surface and a pen, you can use Windows Ink to mark down notes, draw sketches and launch pen-specific apps. Now, working a tablet is more fun with tools like Screen Sketch and Sketchpad using which you can annotate and draw with your pen.

All the features added and removed in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

6] Cortana gets smarter … much smarter!

Your very own personal digital assistant is now getting smarter. By and large, users can now use Cortana even on the lock screen. A useful little feature if you don’t want the trouble of unlocking your PC for listening to your favorite songs. Cortana makes it possible to unify the notification experience on your PC with your mobile. If you use a Windows phone or have Cortana installed on your Android or iPhone, then you’d be glad to know that all your mobile notifications can be shown right on your laptop/tablet while you’re busy working on it. Apart from this, a lot has improved in the way Cortana stores reminders.

All the features added and removed in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

7] Windows Store gets overhauled

Considering that this is your one-stop shop for all the apps, games, music, movies and TV, Microsoft has been amending certain layout components in it to make it look attractive and provide more information to the user. If you open up any app in Windows Store, you should see all the relevant info like system requirements, features and other useful information like what’s new. Apart from this, we can see a progress bar while downloading or updating any app. All these little augmentations make it good in its appearance.

All the features added and removed in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

8] Other changes

Other than the full-length makeover of above system components, Microsoft has enhanced a lot in other inbuilt system apps. In Maps app, you can now annotate right on your screen to see the distance between two points. A dark mode setting when turned on, makes most of the system apps go dark which makes it uniform and stunning to look at. A lot of minute changes are sprinkled here and there making the overall experience undeviating.

Features deprecated or removed in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Over and above adding all the exciting new features, Microsoft has removed a few things from latest update for Windows 10.

1] Wi-Fi Sense for Shared Networks has been removed. It was reported that very few people tend to use this Wi-Fi login sharing functionality.

2] Kid’s Corner is yet another interesting feature which is being discontinued because of low usage. However, an alternative feature called Apps Corner is there for users to try, if you want to give your guest users a selective access to your apps and programs.

3] All Apps button has been removed from the start menu. Instead, Users will see all the apps listed by default in the second column of the Start Menu, which considerably reduces the number of clicks required to access certain programs and apps.

4] Sticky Notes tool has been removed and replaced with a Trusted Windows Store app with the same name.

5] Windows 10 Pro users will not be able to disable the Lock screen.

6] Update by admin: Dennis noticed that SLUI.EXE 4 was not working. I checked and it did not work for me too. For those who do not know,  SLUI.EXE 4 helps you activate your Windows by phone.

Let us know if we missed something.

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  1. Dennis Thompson

    I just discovered this feature that has been lost: SLUI.EXE 4 no longer functions.

  2. You seem to be right, it did not work for me too.

  3. Paras Sidhu

    I still have the Wi-Fi sense option in Wi-Fi settings.

  4. skirmich

    What about Battery History for Laptops? It doesn´t show System/Display/Wifi anymore.
    I used the old Display Meter to keep my brightness below System use so I could squeeze every mAh out of the battery, Now I have a useless “Battery used by App” info which does absolutely nothing for me, The only Apps this laptop see is the ones I need to do work so regardless how much battery they use I need them.. The old info made me save battery by using the least brightness in order to not use more power for the screen than for the system.

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