How to start & use Facebook Watch Party

Social networking is all about developing contacts and maintaining friendships. It is one medium where few acquaintances transition into solid friendship very quickly. Witnessing the rise in popularity of this medium, many platforms like Facebook are coming forward and building new ways to bring people together, create connections, and ignite conversations. Watch Party is one such concept envisioned by Facebook.

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How to start Facebook Watch Party

Watch Party is a new feature rolled out for Facebook Groups which provide people a space to communicate about shared interests. It enables them to watch videos together on Facebook in real time. So, when a Watch Party is started, participants can watch videos, live or recorded, and interact with one another at the same time.

1] To create a watch party, Go to your Facebook account News Feed and choose a group from the drop-down menu on the left side.

2] Thereafter, Click Watch Party icon (visible as a bucket of popcorn) at the top of the group.

3] Click Add Video. Here, you can search for a video or select a desired one from the following categories,

  • Watched
  • Group
  • Live
  • Saved
  • Suggested (to view additional videos).

Facebook Watch Party

4] If you would like to play other videos also, simply click ‘Add to Queue’ next to any video and hit the ‘Done’ button.

5] If needed, add a few lines of text as a description for your watch party and click Post.

6] Once done, a message will appear on your screen informing “Your Watch Party Is About To Begin.”

7] Now, to add friends to your watch party and send them an invite, type their name and click Done.

8] After they accept the invite and confirm their participation, profile picture will be visible to you at the bottom left of your screen. Your friends can express their feelings by adding comments or reactions in the comments section.

After you successfully host a Facebook Watch Party, a recap of the same will be saved in your group as a post. The recap will list all videos watched during the party. The group members can add comments on the recap post too. However, any comments made during the original watch party won’t be visible now.

Hope this helps!

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