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Only last week, news media all over the planet carried news about Zuckerberg’s own sister not being able to understand Facebook privacy settings. News was that a personal photograph shared with friends leaked all over the social networking website. Obviously, there is much more to Facebook than we know. Given that Facebook follows you all over the Internet, wherever you go, it should not surprise you if I think there are deliberate/ignored bugs in the system. Before providing you with the video on what can be the best Facebook Privacy settings, let us take a look at one such glitch I found out recently.

Facebook Privacy Bug

For the time being, I will call this “bug”, a glitch. If you post something and set the visibility to Friends, you are automatically inviting “friends of friends”. That could be interpreted as:

  1. Your post will be visible to the friends of your friends even though a separate option exists to set it up like that; or
  2. Only if you tag a friend, his or her friends also get to see the post that can be as private as a family album!

In either case, either Facebook does not know it or maybe it thinks we, the users, are lot smarter to dig deep into the options to select the best Facebook privacy options. Here is an image on how to set up individual posts so that only and only your friends can see it – not their friends.

Find out what Facebook knows about you.

Best Facebook Privacy Settings

Open your Privacy Settings. Here you can decide Who can see your future posts, Review all your old posts and Limit the audience. Also set Who can look you up and if you want Search Engines to find you. make sure that the box is unchecked. These images will do the explaining.



I could not write it all down as it needs going deep into the settings. Instead, I made a video that should assist you in securing your privacy while using the network. Note that this video intends to guide you with settings and does not guarantee full privacy as I am still checking out what other glitches are present in the system. While on the subject, you could also read about Facebook Privacy Watcher.

Do remember to opt out of Facebook Ad Tracking if you wish too.

Stay safe!

These Tips and Security Applications for Facebook to secure your Facebook account are sure to interest you. You might want to also have a look at these tips to stay safe from the prying eyes of Facebook Search Graph. Google Plus users may want to see this post on Google+ Privacy Settings. This post will show you how to Opt out of Data Tracking & Targetted ads on the Internet.

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