Facebook Privacy Checkup: Review and control what you share with whom

Facebook, the most popular social networking website is all about sharing. But it is very important to be sure about the audiences you are sharing your updates with. Facebook has dozens of privacy controls which gives you a great control over the audience for everything you put on your Timeline. Facebook has been updating and altering its privacy settings over the last couple of years and last week, the social networking website announced the rollout of its Privacy Checkup Tool.

Facebook Privacy Checkup Tool

This tool is designed for users to have a better control on their privacy settings. The new Privacy Checkup tool will start appearing on your Timeline in next couple of weeks. A new pop-up will appear on your Timeline confirming your privacy settings. The new privacy feature of Facebook covers three broad categories of your Timeline- Posts, Apps and Profile Data.

privacy checkup 1

The first step in the Privacy Checkup covers the posts. This controls who can see your status updates. You can leave it open for public of select your audience.

privacy checkup 2

The second step of the tool takes you to the Facebook apps you are logged in. You can configure the privacy settings for each app separately. Delete the apps you are not using and edit the privacy settings for each app you are using.privacy checkup 3

The third and final step of Facebook Privacy Checkup tool, checks the privacy of your personal information on your FB account. It includes your personal data like your hometown, your work history, education etc. Review and decide who can see the information on your Facebool Profile.

privacy checkup 4

The all new Facebook Privacy Checkup tool is considered as the biggest move of the social networking website to improve its privacy concerns. The tool currently is rolling out only for your computer system and won’t work on Facebook mobile.

Check out the official video guide of the tool.

Take a look at the Google Privacy Checkup Tool too.

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