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Facebook has recently launched its new Gameroom for Windows PC users. Known as Facebook Games Arcade formerly, this service lets users play the game without logging into their Facebook accounts. While Facebook, the social networking website is basically popular to stay connected with people worldwide, millions of users love playing games here. There are many different games apps on Facebook, Farmville and Candy Crush are some of the most popular ones. Now with the newly launched Gameroom, you can check all the games at one place and select the one which interests you the most. This is rather the sole aim of Facebook to launch the service, to keep users stay and play more games on its platform.

Facebook Gameroom for Widows PCFacebook Gameroom

You first need to download and install the Gameroom on your PC before you start playing. Adobe Flash Player will get installed automatically as it is required to play games on your PC. It is a light weight app and takes not more than a few minutes to land on your PC. The main overview shows a list of games, just go through the list or the grid and select your favorite one. The left panel shows the tab of Categories and Downloaded Games.


While it is a standalone gaming platform, it is still linked with your Facebook account. Every time you launch a new game, the application will request you to connect via your Facebook profile. You need to agree to the request to continue. The game then downloads, and you can start playing. facebook-gameroom-4

Gaming works as good as the other Flash-based gaming websites. The Gameroom is available for PCs with Windows 10/8/7 versions. While it can’t be compared to the high-end PC gaming sites, still offers an exclusive gaming experience undoubtedly which matches other PC gaming clients. You cannot expect the latest PC games here, though. facebook-gameroom-2

Facebook Gameroom also has a chatroom. Just launch a game and click on the Chat icon on the top left corner. The Live Chatroom lets you have a  chat with other players playing that particular game. The icon showing a + mark is to save a shortcut to the game, and then it has a tab to Restart the game. facebook-gameroom-5

The games here in the Gameroom are almost the free to play now, but you might need to pay to get some extra coins or lives or may be the gold bars in Candy Crush Saga. The purchase would take you to your Facebook account, and you can pay via your Credit Card or the Debit Card.

Overall, it is certainly a better place to play, nice service launched by Facebook for the Windows users. While my Motorbike Racing game crashed twice for no reason, it was okay with all other games I tried playing. I didn’t notice any change in my PC’s performance and speed after installing the Gameroom so far. The entire set of games is showcased at one place with perfect categorization which makes it easier for the users to select their favorite game, right from From shooting games to strategy games, Candy Crush to Bingo. The Live chatroom helps to make more connections worldwide.

So if you are one of the Facebook game lovers and run a Windows PC, download and install Facebook Gameroom now and enjoy the enthralling gaming experience.

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