Facebook Album Downloader: Download an entire Facebook Album easily

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking website presently. Despite being a ubiquitous platform for sharing photos on the web, Facebook still has a few crippled features. One very important feature missing from Facebook is a method to download entire photo albums. While one can always download the pictures from Facebook one by one, it certainly won’t be feasible when you want to download hundreds of your photos. Fortunately there are many third-party applications which can help you in this.

Download Facebook Album Photos

Facebook Album Downloader is such an easily accessible piece of software which helps you download entire photo albums from Facebook, with the least amount of effort. It is a Java-Based application with a user-friendly interface.

Use Facebook Albums Downloader

·         To use the Facebook Albums Downloader you first need the Facebook tokens which can be obtained by logging into your Facebook account using http://fad.eu5.org. The program then displays a long string of characters.fad 1

·         Copy the string and open the Facebook Albums Downloader. Paste the string of characters and click on ‘All Set’.fad2

·         You will now see all your Facebook friends’ thumbnails. You can select a friend whose albums you want to download by clicking on his/her thumbnail picture. The program also shows the preview of your albums, making the selection easier.Facebook Album Downloader

·         If you want to download your own albums; click on your image and move to ‘Albums’. Select the album from drop-down list and click on ‘Download’. The download speed depends on your internet speed and the size of your Facebook album.Download Facebook Album Photos

·         The ‘Downloads’ tab shows the current albums downloading in your PC. If it shows you download stack is empty, that means the pictures are already downloaded and saved in your system. The downloaded album is saved in the default output location in your PC.

Overall. Facebook Albums Downloader is an easy way to download your and your friends’ entire Facebook photo album with minimal efforts. While writing about the Facebook Album Downloader I realized that any of your Facebook friends can now download your entire photo album. Thus one should be very careful while setting the Facebook Privacy or while adding unknown people on your Facebook friends’ list. 

Facebook album downloader

You can download Facebook Albums Downloader here. You require an internet connection and Java 1.4 or higher to run this application.

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    good method suggested….

    for finding more methods, visit the following link


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  3. Maurice

    the page for the tokens doesn’t exist!!

  4. Hey Shiwangi! There is actually a new app odrive that automatically downloads all your Facebook albums, photos, and even tagged photos onto your computer for you. http://blog.odrive.com/blog/2014/10/7/download-all-your-facebook-albums

  5. Leonidas Vaanboonghaey Spartan

    This what I got when clicking the link : http://fad.eu5.org.
    Web Access Blocked

    Domain: http://fad.eu5.org/


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