ExpressVPN Review and 10 license giveaway

This is the first time I am reviewing a paid product. We have reviews of many free VPNs on The Windows Club and so far, we found the Spotflux Free version to be the best. This review of paid version of ExpressVPN, comes on top, as the ExpressVPN service does not slow down your machine. Read this review of ExpressVPN and participate in the 10 license giveaway to win a free license to the paid service.

UPDATE: Read review of ExpressVPN on Windows 10.

ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN Review

Installation of ExpressVPN

There were no problems and there were no additional programs being offered during the installation – probably as you already pay for the service so they don’t need to display/install unwanted programs. I mean, it is a clean installation without bothering about installing potentially unwanted programs to your computer.

During the installation, the ExpressVPN installation package creates a virtual network adaptor that you will use to connect to the network of Express VPN and from there, to the Internet. The process is simple and you do not have to do anything special to create the virtual adaptor as the installer auto creates it. You can see the virtual network adaptor in Control Panel -> Network and Sharing -> Change Adaptors. It is named TAP. This is just for your information. Do not delete or disable the TAP virtual network adaptor as doing so will prohibit Express VPN from working.

Creating a VPN Account With ExpressVPN

Before you download and install the ExpressVPN, you have to create an account with the service. You can click on the MY ACCOUNT on the ExpressVPN website’s top right bar. That will ask you for your email ID, password and your card information. You can choose to renew the subscription on a monthly or an yearly basis. Post creation of your account, you will get a license code that you have to use when you first launch the VPN service (Read the Giveaway section below to know how to get a free license).

Please note that though you can use license on different devices, you can be running only one license at a time. I mean, only one device should be using the VPN at a time. You cannot use two or more devices using the same license at the same time. If you need to connect two or more devices at the same time, you have to buy more licenses.

ExpressVPN Performance

Performance is beyond what I expected. So far, all VPNs we reviewed, have been slow except for Spotflux Free VPN. Spotflux, however, takes a long while to connect to the limited number of servers available in the free version. Express VPN did not affect the speed even during the peak hours (I tried running it in nights when US traffic is heavy and it was still normal). Express VPN says they keep a certain amount of bandwidth extra on each server so that the speed is not affected. This, you can find under the FAQ section of their website.

Express VPN offers you ample number of servers spread all over the planet. For the best results, just select one of the recommended countries and click CONNECT to create a secure tunnel and to connect to the Internet safely. This does take some time, but not as much as the other VPNs I have seen.

I know I am comparing a paid product with a free product – so it is obvious that I will find plenty of good things in ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN drawback

I could not find any option to make it start with the Windows computer. That is a drawback as you will have to connect it manually each time. Even if you add it to the startup programs list, you have to connect manually. I hope Express VPN will add this option to their software in the next update or so.

PS: ExpressVPN will now allow for 3 simultaneous connections. This means that users can now connect to 3 different devices at the same time whilst using ExpressVPN.


There is not much to say about Express VPN in this review, except that it does its work quite well, and lives up to its promise. The website,, could not figure out I was using a proxy, which is a good sign. The best thing about the service is it stands up to its name – Express VPN, meaning fast and easy service.

Giveaway of Free Licenses

In association with ExpressVPN, we’re giving away 10 license keys for ExpressVPN 12 month license which normally costs US$ 99.84 each for a year. All you have to do is share this post on any social networking site of your choice, and share its status URL here. Make sure your email ID is visible to us, when you enter your name in the Disqus comments panel – else you may post it in the comments itself.

The giveaway will close after 15 days, We will select the winners, announce their names here in the comments section of this post and forward their email IDs to ExpressVPN, who will then forward the license to you directly.

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