ExpressVPN on Windows 10 Review & Giveaway

We are back with another giveaway. Earlier we reviewed earlier reviewed. Express VPN 3.1. This review of ExpressVPN 4.1 is being written to note its performance on Windows 10. Moreover, we are also giving away ExpressVPN 4.1 licesnse free to 10 lucky readers. It runs on Windows 10/8/7. The details about giveaway are towards the end of this post.

Review of ExpressVPN on Windows 10

Installation of ExpressVPN

Since this is a paid software, there are no hidden software bundled in the installation so you can install it without worries. During installation, you may see a security message in your browser. Since the software is signed, you simply allow it to install on your computer. Installation process is fast and completes within a minute on 1.6GHz processor.

While installation, the installer also creates a virtual network adaptor that you can see in Network and Troubleshooting Center. If you have not yet turned on the ExpressVPN, it will say Network Cable is Unplugged and it also shows a red stop icon. When you connect to the Internet using ExpressVPN, the status will show as connected and there won’t be any red stop icon.

You can open Network and Troubleshooting Center by right clicking on the network or wireless icon in your Windows System Tray. From there, you select Manage Network Adaptors.

Image 1 - Express VPN Virtual Ethernet Card

Using ExpressVPN on Windows 10

Though the Express VPN website does not explicitly mention Windows 10, the software runs easily and is fully compatible with the latest operating system from Microsoft (i.e. Windows 10).

Review of ExpressVPN

Before accessing the software, you will have to create an account with Express VPN at their website. Your purchase(s) will be visible at Subscriptions tab of the webpage. The same dashboard allows you to add/remove cards and to change password etc. After it is installed on your computer, the VPN interface will show a text box as in the image below.

You will have to input (copy and paste) the activation code sent to you in the mail after you purchase a copy of Express VPN. You can also get the code on the Express VPN website after you click on download button for the VPN software.

After the activation code is verified, you can use Express VPN without any problems. I tested the software on Windows 10 and it did not in any way slow down the connection or browsing speed.

You get the option to change the default VPN server. The options (shown by three dots or ellipses) give you a number of servers across the world out of which, you can select one and even make it your favorite so that you don’t have to browse every time you want to connect to that server.

Among other options are allowing or blocking Express VPN from starting with Windows, Choosing DNS, whether or not to use DNS of ExpressVPN or to keep continuing the one configured in your computer or router.

The second tab of the options window allows you to select protocols that you want the VPN to use. It is better to keep selected the option saying Choose Protocol Automatically so that you can use any of the many servers of Express VPN.

Note 1: The VPN will load but not automatically connect. You have to click on Connect to connect to one of the many servers of Express VPN. This could be useful to some and others might find it an extra click.

Note 2: Though the VPN does not affect browsing speed significantly, loading of the VPN itself takes some time. This could be dependent on the number of startup programs you have. You can reduce startup items by typing msconfig in the Run dialog. But once you are connected, you go on a roll – browsing without broadband speed slowdown and no dropped VPN connections.

Note 3: Since it is a paid service, there is no limit on data consumption as is the case with the free VPNs we’ve reviewed earlier.

ExpressVPN will now allow for 3 simultaneous connections. This means that users can now connect to 3 different devices at the same time whilst using ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN Giveaway

There are total 10 licenses for a 12-month subscription to be won, free! ExpressVPN will set up your accounts and send links to your email ID if you win the license. All you need to do to win a license is:

  1. Share this review on social networking sites of your choice. The more you share, the more are your chances of winning the free license.
  2. Copy paste the links to the posts you shared on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc., in the Comments section at the end of this web page.
  3. Make sure your email ID is visible on Disqus (behind your username) so that we know where to send the free license. If you don’t have a Disqus account, you may if you wish create at – or you can post as a Guest too.

The giveaway will remain open for 10 days. All the best!

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