Export panoramas from Adobe Photoshop to Photosynth easily

Matt Uyttendaele and Howard Good from Microsoft Research have released a Photoshop plug-in that exports panoramas directly from Adobe Photoshop (or Photoshop Elements) for sharing on Photosynth web service.


If you are passionate about panoramas, and like to use Photoshop to make the most of them, now you’ve got a path to host immersive versions of them.

Photosynth added the panorama feature back in March, but up until now, Microsoft ICE was the only way to generate panoramas.

With the Photoshop plug-in, you can now use any stitching program, edit the results in Photoshop, and simply select “Export” from the Photoshop file menu to upload full-resolution, interactive panoramas to Photosynth.

Download | Homepage.

Holiday bonus:
Photosynth is featuring Photoshop-exported panoramas on the home page of Photosynth.net for a few days after the holidays, so if you’d like to be in the running for this honor, tag your panorama with “photoshop”.

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