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Explore Windows Phone with interactive ILoveYouGuys website from Microsoft India

There are friends….and then there are “friends”. It’s time you said “I Love You Guys!” to the ones that really matter and take them out for parties, movies and more.

Microsoft India has launched a new site The interactive website shows you how to use the Windows Phone to Create Lists, Connect, and more. Answer some harmless and amusing questions and have fun in the process.

As soon as you open the site you will see an intro video.

You will have to allow the website to access your Facebook data, but I think its worth going ahead and allowing it, to be able to experience the wonderful site. Well, you can always revoke the permission later on, if you feel. After connecting with your Facebook friends, you will be asked 4 questions.

You have to answer these 4 questions to be able to create a friends list. You have to tell something about your selected friends in less than 50 words and enter your email ID, mobile number and city to register for reward.

You can reward your friends after creating the friends list. You can offer House party, Happy hours, etc. You can reward a maximum of 4 friends.

Go play at I am sure that you will like the game and the video clips that go with it.

Have fun!