Play 3D content and other media with ExMplayer GUI for Mplayer

ExMplayer is a free graphic user interface for one of the best media players available on the web. It is capable of playing back 2D and 3D content, so make sure those 3D Glasses are on hand. The ExMplayer graphic user interface is nothing special. We won’t call it ugly, but we won’t call it beautiful either. It looks decent enough, but in all honesty, we were expecting a lot more from it.


ExMplayer GUI for Mplayer

Before downloading, bear in mind that the size of ExMplayer is around 40MB, so we recommend folks to obtain over a wired broadband connection or Wi-Fi instead of mobile to save data cost.

How to use ExMplayer:

Installation is easy and straightforward. No hidden agendas here where third party software is concerned. Once the software is launched, users will be greeted with a decent enough looking user interface with an animation in the middle of the player.

The main options are situated at the top of the player, beginning with “Open” and ending with “Help.” Whenever users click on Open, they will be greeted with several ways to open a video or audio file. These options also show how to perform the same tasks by using just the keyboard.

For those who might want to use ExMplayer to playback music, there’s a playlist option at the top though it doesn’t bring anything new when compared to most media players. In fact, it is pretty basic, which is quite surprising, but not a deal breaker since most users require only basic functions for music playback.

Another option that we found interesting is “View.” From here users can view information about any media that is currently playing. Furthermore, there’s a sub-option that is called Flow Browser. Now, this is not a web browser, but merely a browser for scouring through folders on the computer. To put it simply, it is similar to the File Explorer.

What about subtitles?

Yes, that’s here too, along with the option of adding your own subtitles if the video being played back doesn’t have any. To make things even more awesome, users can search for subtitles via, or upload subtitles to the same source.

In terms of media playback quality, we didn’t come across any problems. Everything played back smoothly without hiccups. The only issue here is that we do not have a 3D supported computer monitor nor do we have 3D glasses, so not able to tell how well it works.

Overall, ExMplayer works great, we only hoped that the overall graphical user interface looked better than it does right now.

Download ExMplayer right now from Sourceforge.

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