Exciting times for Microsoft as Windows Phone 7.5 poised to rock the market!

It’s the age and era of Windows Phone 7. Or at least it will be soon is what we can say. After being neglected for long and cussed over its various shortcomings in the initial release, Microsoft is back with a bang with Windows Phone 7.5, also known as the Mango mobile OS. Users who are using Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, swear by it! With super-impressive features, excellent UI and lots more, gifting a Windows phone 7 device to your girlfriend seems to be the most ‘in’ thing today.

Debuting with 1% share in the US mobile market is not the best thing to happen. Especially in the initial days.

But thinking ahead, Microsoft is all set to adapt an aggressive marketing strategy for Windows Phone 7. And why not, for even iPhone 4 users are ready to dump their device and buy a Windows Phone mobile; developers are burning the midnight oil to publish great cool apps on the Windows Phone marketplace.

Things are really starting to change for Microsoft in the mobile domain and the official launch of Windows Phone 7 in India on 12th October 2011 seems to be another step in he right direction, with India being one of the many prominent mobile market which determine a ‘make’ or ‘break’ for fellow mobile manufacturers.

In an interview to Bloomberg, Microsoft’s Windows Phone chief Andy Lees said that Microsoft is getting aggressive in marketing Windows Phone. Microsoft’s OEM partners are likely to increase their marketing budgets on Windows Phones.

Microsoft wants the Windows Phone 7.5 mobile devices to sport the best camera customers ever used. They now support extended features like improved sensors, high megapixel, face tracking technology and more. And we do not doubt the above claim with Nokia being a Microsoft partner, which is famous for its use of Carl Zeiss lenses across its devices. And we may expect a bunch of Nokia mobile devices powered on the Mango OS with exceedingly well camera features and functionalities, at the Nokia World event later this month.


And with Jil Sander announcing a Windows Phone 7.5 in collaboration with LG, things are really going to heat up!

Check out the video for this new Windows Phone, called the LG Jil Sander E906.

Andy Lees also described Android as chaotic and Apple’s iPhone 4S as a missed opportunity:

I think Android is heading down this chaotic phase. We want to enable OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), we want to enable operators, but we don’t want chaos.

Now that is what we call a real competition talk. Another important thing he spoke about is that they are focusing on retail staff, while training them on the new Windows Phone to promote it and to step up retailer incentives and boost in-store promotions. He ended up the interview by saying,

The stars are really starting to align for us.

And we too think so!

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