Excel Mixer Nano: Adjust Values of Excel Cells with Sliders

Any person who maintains and audits business accounts has to deal with Excel files now and then. These files help in maintaining data sheet, making corresponding pie charts, bar graphs and much more. Although a software with great functionality, Microsoft Excel at times, happens to use numbers and formulas that get tedious. Also, there may be occasions where you have to constantly change certain cell values and monitor the results dependent on them. All these last-minute changes become difficult and bothersome.

Excel Mixer Nano, an Excel add-in, really proves useful when you have to deal with such constantly changing and deviating values. The handy extension for MS Excel makes it easy for you to edit your numeric cell values using a mouse.

It provides a slider like graphical interface wherein a slide bar can be moved up and down with respect to the selected cell. Excel Mixer Nano remembers configurations; therefore there is no need to configure sliders each time you create one for a particular cell.

The standalone freeware program does not integrate with Microsoft Excel. However, it has the capability to read data from an Excel sheet and feed the data back to it. The main characteristic of the program is that it is portable and therefore requires no installation. 

 How to set up Excel Mixer Nano Excel Add-In

  • Download the program
  • Unzip the downloaded content and save it to folder of your choice
  • Browse to the application exe named Excel Mixer Nano and run it
  • Click the ‘New Sliders’ button to launch and create a new Excel document
  • Now, select the cells for which you wish to change the values and monitor results
  • Again, hit the ‘New Sliders’ button from the app. You will observe that sliders have been added corresponding to each selected cell.
  • The sliders can be identified by the row-column number below each slider
  • To change or alter the value of any cell, move the slide bar

 Do note that the slider comes with:

  1. Default minimum of 0
  2. Default maximum of double the value of your cell.
  3. Step value is 0.1.

 Excel Mixer Nano Features:

  • Sliders to control cell values in Excel files
  • Real-time reaction of formulas and excel chart

Excel Mixer is available in 2 versions, Excel Mixer Nano Free which we have already discussed and Excel Mixer Pro which has some added functionalities. 

Download Page: Excel Mixer Nano Free.

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