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New features in EverNote for Windows Phone 8

After updating ‘Evernote app for Android’ earlier last week, developers have now updated ‘Evernote for Windows Phone’ to Version 3.0. The updated Evernote for Windows Phone comes with several new features including improved tag lists, premium document search, refurbished and more user-friendly home screen and much more.

EverNote for Windows Phone 8 Gets New Features

The update however, brings a little modification in the feel and look of the app, but the new and updated features make the app much faster, smoother simpler and more responsive. Let’s discuss the updated features of Evernote for Windows Phone in details:

Redesigned Home Screen

The redesigned Home Screen of Evernote for Windows Phone is more about simpler navigation, than a new design. Evernote brings quick access to the note creation, search and shortcuts. Everything is more accessible with the redesigned home screen.

Improved Tagging

The new tagging list in Evernote for Windows Phone is more compact which displays more tags per screen. Furthermore, you do not need to scroll down the screen to tag, an alphabetical grid appears on the screen with a single tap on a green letter header making tagging much easier and faster.

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With the new and updated version of Evernote for Windows Phone, you can easily create a shortcut for any of your frequently used note, tag or notebook. All you need to do is to tap the item for long, and the shortcut appears on the home screen. You can jump to any of your note or tag directly from these shortcuts. The best part about the shortcuts is that they sync across platforms which means once you create a shortcut you can access it with your other devices as well.

Notebook Stacks

With the updated version of Evernote for Windows Phone, you can stack up the similar notebook. Accessing these notebook is quite simpler and you just need to tap on them to open or close them. To view all the notes in a stack, you just need to tap longer on the stack name.

Premium Feature: Document Search

This is one of the best features added in Evernote for Windows Phone where users can search their saved presentations, spreadsheets or any type of document files. This feature indexes all the iWork files and Microsoft Office files giving you a simpler navigation.


You can create the Checkboxes with the updated version of Evernote for Windows Phone. Just tap on the check box icon at the bottom of note editor and create your own Checkbox.

If you own a Windows Phone, check out the latest updated version of ‘Evernote for Windows Phone’ here and let us know what you think about the newly added features.